Jnane Rhamna

Jnane Rhamna

The farm of Jnane Rhamna is located 30 kms North of Marrakech.

Its size is 620 hectares :

  • 300 hectares are planted with early and mid-season Clementines,
  • 50 hectares are planted with “open field” Charentais Melons,
  • 200 hectares are planted with Olives,
  • 70 hectares are planted with Pomegranates.

The site is equipped with a unique all computerized micro-irrigation system (PSM Program).

Thanks to potentiometers, probes and HF relays placed all across the farm, the software knows “live” what the exact situation is all over.

A high end algorithm can then automatically decide what is the “exact need” of each parcel, and launch up to 70 cycles of irrigation/nutrition per day.

As a result energy, water and fertilizers are optimized contributing to the preservation of our resources and environment.