Our Sites

Our Sites

With over 1300 hectares, Cap Agro is one of the most established agricultural companies in the Marrakech area.

Cap Agro is not a board or trading company, we are dedicated in exporting exclusively our own grown production.

Jnane Rhamna

The farm of Jnane Rhamna is located 30 kms North of Marrakech.

Sidi Mokhtar

The farm of Sidi Mokhtar is located 100 kms West of Marrakech.

Sidi Zouine

The farm of Sidi Zouine is located 20 kms West of Marrakech.


Our packhouse is located 70 kms West of Agadir.


The Berries Farm is located in MASSA region, 30 Kms South of AGADIR.


The persimmons Farm is located in central of Morocco, 15 Kms East of of MARRAKECH.