Citrus is the core activity of Cap Agro.

We grow 610 hectares of Clementines and Mandarines, offering our customers a wide range of varieties and a reliable source from the beginning until the end of the Northern Hemisphere season.

Our 210 hectares of Early Clementines (Nules – Orogrande and others) are planted on the site of Jnane Rhamna, as well as the 90 hectares of the well-known mid-season variety (Nour).

The 310 hectares of Nadorcott (the famous licensed late variety) are planted on the site of Sidi Mokhtar. Located in a totally isolated area, kilometers away of any other crop, it avoids all kind of “cross-pollination” and allows us to “guarantee 100% seedless fruit”.

Thanks to its geographic position, soil composition and exceptional brightness, the Marrakech area offers an outstanding quality, color, size and sugar content for easy-peelers.