Our Products

Our Products

Cap Agro is not a board or trading company, we are dedicated in exporting exclusively our own grown production.

What we export is grown only in our own farms, assuring premium quality for our customers.


We grow Clementines and Mandarines, offering our customers a wide range of varieties..


Sidi Zouine for the early crop under greenhouses, Jnane Rhamna for the late crop in open field..


Pomegranates are planted on the site of Jnane Rhamna. They are very rich in antioxidant Polyphenols..


Our Olive trees are planted on the sites of Jnane Rhamna and Sidi Zouine. Arbequina, Koroneiki and Picholine..


Our Kakis are planted in a domain located in east of Marrakech..


Our berries are planted in central and south of Morocco. They are loaded with antioxidants, and vitamines..